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Why Go Mobile - Small Business Mobile Marketing

There has been over 20 Billion downloads of mobile apps through 2011 and is expected to rise through the next 3 years as mobile devices are being sold in the millions every month. We have a thirst for our mobile phones and tablets and we love downloading the latest mobile applications we find in the Android and itunes store. If your small business is not found on either of these stores and downloaded on mobile devices, then you risk losing your potential customers to your competitors. If you have thought about going mobile in the past but have not, then you must be ready to go mobile today as there is no better time to be found on these devices.

Over the next 3 years analysts have forecasted a 25 billion dollar industry for the mobile app industry. What this means is that the opportunity for small businesses is increasing dramatically over those 3 years. We have a way for you to compete and with a price tag that is less than half of what it has been over the last couple of years.
The Power of the Swipe of a Finger on Mobile Devices

The mobile app is not doubt very powerful and the use of applications on our mobile devices makes our phone more powerful and less burdened but swipe the finger on those devices and apps is really where the magic happens.

The endless capabilities of adding apps to your device is not only fun but helps to leverage technology like never before. Some people say that the mobile app is the new internet. Regardless if that is true, people love swiping their fingers over the favorite mobile apps. A piece of real estate that is worth billions. On your iPad, Android or Apple product, these icons are quickly becoming the most powerful form of advertising. Let SCM Web Team develop your app today!

Increase your marketing and advertising efforts with your existing customers by having instant access to the front screen of their          phone with push notification messages from your business. Your customers smart phone is the one device they keep within 3             feet of them 24 hours a day.
Create a viral buzz with built-in sharing capabilities to Facebook, Twitter, and email.
Effectively market to your customers whenever and where ever they are!  Apps are replacing web sites as tablet devices and                mobile phones are replacing computers.  You can be at their fingertips at all times!
Keep your customers informed and up to date with instant updates about your products, services and prices.  Create a loyalty             rewards program to keep your customers engaged and coming back.

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The Mobile App Is The New Internet