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What Does Your Welcome Page Look Like?

One day I sent my web team out on the internet on Facebook looking for companies and I wanted them to take a look at what your welcome page looks like. What we found was amazing to all of us. What we found was that almost 75% of the companies we came across either have no welcome page on the fan page or what they had was not very professional. Another 15% was average at best. The landing page on your fan page is such a critical piece to your marketing efforts and to see so many not have a professional look or had an absent of any page was very disturbing to us as a team so we wanted to reach out to find out why these companies do not have one or why it looks so poor.

We decided to contact 100 companies of those we checked out to see what their thoughts were as to why they were not using a landing page. We sent them emails that said, “What does your welcome page look like? In the email we asked them if they had ever thought of having a landing page, or If they knew they could have a landing page or who did their welcome page if they had one. Of the 80 who did not have a page, they had no idea they could have a landing page installed on their fan page. Of the 20 who had one, they tried doing the work themselves or someone in the company had a brother or sister who did it for free.

Let’s first talk about the first category and what I need to say is WOW! This is an incredible tool and it is amazing that people still do not know the power of having one of these welcome pages. Facebook gives you a gift and you need to take advantage of it. You need to grab your prospects attention immediately and yo can accomplish this by having them land on this page until they have liked your fanpage. Take a look at our Custom landing page. Notice how you were automatically taken to it? We set this up by design in the programming of our fanpage. We can do the same for you!

Now to the other scenario; have you ever heard the term that you get what you pay for? Nothing could be truer than having a relative, friend or son do your custom graphics and social media management unless they are in the business, which is usually not the case. You pay for us to design and build your custom welcome page because we are professionals and we are great at what we do. Something’s make no sense to try and save money on and this is one of them. Do not leave your companies branding to chance and give yourself the best chance of capturing your prospects.

If you have ever been asked what does your welcome page look like and you say what is that, then you need to email or call us right away as we will answer that question for you. You will love the answer.

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