In this video you will see the promo videos , websites and fanpages that the SCM Web Team can provide for your business or corporation. We have a wide variety and selection of top notch marketing themes, products and services.

When you are in the market for social media or website design, seo or videos, come see the design team at SCM Web Team today!
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Web Design Keeps You Relevant and Branded

When we take you on as a client, our designers get together in our web design studio and we collaborate on your project and storyboard your project. We do this because although there may only be one or two designers working on your project, we believe having several sets of eyes on your company helps us to make sure we put together a design that is branded right for you, keeps your company relevant with the times and will catch people's attention in that first 30 seconds of landing on it.

All throughout the process, we make sure everyone gives feedback on the progress and look and style of your new website. We set benchmarks to make sure that we are on task and are keeping the theme and brand in mind. In order for us to succeed as a web design team, we must exceed our goals with your firm.

Good website design is about an effective layout. Easy to navigate and a site that is well balanced and that has a great look to it. most important, a good website is one that can be found in the search engines. Don't just have us build a website. Have us also get your website found.

Website Design and Development

A website is just a website without the rest of the marketing picture. We are the complete package for websites and internet marketing. We build a website and then we can design a complete marketing campaign. Here is what we can do for your website:
  • Video: upload and use video on your site and then perform video marketing
  • Forms: Create call to action forms on your site that correlate to an offer
  • Blog: Build and attach a blog to your website. Keep your content fresh
  • Attractive Website: People love the looks of our designs on all levels hosting  VPS recommendations: A place where your site will remain live for all your viewers
  • Social Media: We can attach your social media to your site and manage it for you
  • Navigation: Easy to navigate and easy to understand text or snippets
  • Logos: We design basic logos to custom logos
  • Branding: We keep a consistent look at all times
  • Press Releases: Once website is done we can write and submit a press release
  • Email Marketing: from static emails to video emails we can design a campaign

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at some of the websites that we have done below. these websites represent small, medium and large businesses, network marketing, charities, non-profit websites, attorney's, insurance, and more. Please keep in mind that we design websites to match our clients needs, wants and personalities. all website designs do not fit everyone's taste but the outcome is that we have happy clients because we catered to what they wanted. 
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