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Social Media Ebook Resources
Social Media
Ebook Resources
Above are some very resourceful products that give you some great ideas on how you can use social media for marketing and promoting your Ebooks.  There are many Ebooks to choose from that will help guide you in your marketing strategies.  You will want to download and read some of these Ebooks such as: Book Promoting 101 by Kristen James  |  Advertising In a Digital Age by Gabriela Taylor | 50 Social Media Marketing Tips by Andrew Macarthy | Social Media Marketing for Publisher by Liz Murray | and Pinterest by Gabriela Taylor.  These are great resources when doing your own markeitng and promoting.  If you would like to hire a professional marketing team, contact SCM Web Team.  SCM Web Team will work within your budget to give you the most that is needed to market your Ebook.  We are available to help you in your success as a self publisher.
Ebook Resources From SCM Web Team