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Graphic Design
SCM Web Team Services
Graphic Design

Our graphics team will design your corporate graphics with clean edges, sharp contrast and a vibrant look. First impressions mean a lot and we want to help you perform at your best. We will assign a graphic artist that will shine for you. Once your web design strategy has been completed and we hand out the assignments to our web team, the graphic artists start to work on your companies overall branding strategy and develop the graphics that will go on your website, business cards, literature and more depending on what you are looking for. Our talented team of graphic artists have experience in bring you and your company to life on the internet and in print. We have your graphic design waiting to be realized.

Our team of graphic artist will design for you a custom graphic that will be your company logo and will have the look and design that says what your company is all about with out words. A logo is a symbol and can only be captured with the right custom graphics. The graphic artist assigned to you will make sure that everything we are working on has the same look and feel and consistency that is your vision. Every attention to detail will be taken and your project will be done professionally. We take everything from concept to completion and quality control check everything we do.

No matter if you are looking for affordable graphic options or custom high end work, we have what you are looking for especially in the way of a corporate identity package and website design. We have delivered thousands of times to clients like you who are looking for a dependable and professional solution. Let SCM Web Team design your graphics and achieve the results that you desire. Custom graphics, dependable graphics team and customer service and communications that you can depend on.
Web Design Services
Web Design

Stunning presentation and proper searchability is key in a new website. We have to make you look good and get found. As a custom web designer, we go out of our way to create an image that you will be proud of & represent your brand well online. The difference in our websites we make for our clients is that we design from the mindset of creative marketing. Cookie cutter and template websites do not let you stand out, although every website has its place. If you are looking for a representation or branding strategy of your company then you need not only a website that will perform but you need it to represent the look of your brand and professionalism. If you have a product and are more concerned about performance then that is a different story. No matter what your needs are, SCM Web Team can and will deliver the best experience in designing your site.

The process of web design does not have to be difficult or dreadful. We make it simple to go through the process. Unlike our competitors who use difficult words and are short with their time, SCM Web Team spends the appropriate amount of time needed to help you render your idea for your new website. Our web design team has the built in patience, knowledge and understanding to make your experience the best that it can be. The process can be pleasurable if everyone works together and cooperates on designing your new website and lets the ideas flow.

Once we have concluded the idea phase of your new web design, our team then will go to work on putting together the pieces from many stand points. Our custom graphic team will start to work on your new images. The writers will begin to craft both the message and the seo for your site by way of research and words. The design team starts to work on your structure by taking your ideas and information and creating a hierarchy chart and then put it into the structure of the website. Our project coordinator oversees everything and keeps in contact with you to make sure that everything comes out the way it was intended. Progress is given along the way as well as a sneak peek on the progress and your in put is asked for. As a web design team, it is important to us to get it right the first time around and have raving fans.

Social Media Marketing

Corporate social media is about setting your  organization a part from all of the noise in social media . Our social media management firm will pay close attention to your brand & marketing message to make sure it is heard online. There is still plenty of time to be heard on social media. Even as popular as it has become, there are still millions of companies and competitors who are missing the enormous power of this type of marketing. There is massive amounts of growth expected over the next 12-18 months where more and more companies are expected to start some kind of social media marketing. The sooner you get in front of this the better off you will be as like any other website on the internet, your social media profile needs to mature.

SCM Web Team provides the best experience in social media marketing and we want to engage with you on a campaign that will further extend your brand, ROI and profits. We can build you a ton of websites and more than likely they will never add up to the power of these social media websites. We are not saying to get rid of your website but if you are not taking advantage of the free traffic on social media then you are missing out a ton. We will show you how you can maneuver the huge jungle of social media platforms and utilize them for the maximum benefit that they provide.

Our team of social media marketing managers have the experience you are seeking and the knowledge to brand your firm and help you make money online. We want to encourage you to take this opportunity and let us help you get involved with as many social media sites as we can to create a solid reputation online and find more prospects for your company. We are experts at building custom fan pages, custom YouTube Channels, and twitter accounts. Did you know that there are over 400+ social media sites you can use? Our service will help you set up all of them and optimize your profiles. Call on SCM Web Team to make you a social media all-star! 
Social Media Marketing
eCommerce Website Design
eCommerce Website Design

We’re confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your eCommerce  project since we develop sites using the latest trends needed for an ecommerce site to function and succeed. Whether you're starting a new eCommerce website, or looking for an eCommerce redesign, SCM Web Team's goal is to provide you with a professional eCommerce web design solution at an affordable price.

Some of the complaints from most consumers on a ecommerce site is the hard to use  navigation, the disorganization of the site and the terrible customer service. We design all of our sites with ease of use, highly organized and desirable look and graphics. The customer service is going to be up to you unless we are managing that aspect for you. We have some plugins we can use like instant chat and contact us forms but ultimately you have to serve your clients as they need help or they will go somewhere else and leave your ecommerce site.

Although your store may have a lot of products, we can plaster your homepage with all of them. Doing this only clutters up the web design and makes it too much for your visitors to look at. Simple is better and more powerful for your ecommerce website design. Our design team takes special consideration on the layout and ease of use as this plays a huge factor into people buying from you or not.

If you are in the market for a new ecommerce website design, the team at SCM Web Team is ready to make it come alive for you. Once your site is built, we can go to work for you and start to drive traffic your way so you can make money online and increase your profits.

Search Engine Optimization

We are your search engine optimization firm dedicated to helping you get found online, generate more revenue and climb to the top of several pages of the search engines. Your corporate website needs to get discovered in order to make money. Our team of seo experts will do the research necessary and set up your website so that your firm can be found online.

We first start with dominating your name because if you can't dominate your own name online then chances are you will struggle to be found in other keyword searches on Google, Bing or Yahoo. We next will attack your first 3 primary keywords you want to be found under. We do this by using a number of tools that are at our fingertips like PPC (Pay-Per-Click) social media, seo articles, press releases, classified ads, SEM, and a number of other seo tactics. We like to attack keywords at up to 3 at a time so that we stay on track and accomplish your goals. Having a good understanding of how key words work and how they will help drive prospects and traffic to you is extremely important. Our Search Engine Optimization is one of the easiest to use on the internet as we speak in plain English for you!

Search Engine Optimization is extremely important to the success of your website. Having the ability to get found has to be a big priority and once on your website, you then will need to convert them to clients. Seo is the act of driving traffic to a website. Seo can create a warm lead for you but you must have a website that is ready to receive the traffic and convert them. Our firm is more than a search engine optimization company as we can handle all aspects of internet marketing.

Custom Facebook Fanpages
Custom Facebook Fanpages

Are you looking to buy a fanpage? Our web team can design a custom Facebook Fanpage for your company with optimization, incredible graphics, and the branding you are looking for. Facebook fanpages are very powerful & worth the investment. Our job is to teach you what is a Fan Page and how we can use it to market your firm, company, organization or cause. You have no other marketing in your corner that is free and so very powerful. We create the message for you and then set up the fanpage. This social media platform truly has magic attached to it and we want to teach you to control it.

Custom Facebook Fanpages are a marketing tool on a social media site called Facebook where there are millions of people congregating to see what you have to offer them. They are interested in your posts, offerings, news and more. Where the art or the skill comes in is to get them to talk about you and your company free and willing. Social media leverages relationships by getting others to spread your message. This occurs by creating and cultivating relationships and by educating your following. Sales really do not come into place. You put the information out there and lead them to your products and services. 

Facebook has 800+ million people on their social media platform and the good news is that you only need a very small portion of those people. Less than 001 percent would make return a huge for your time and money invested. We do not have to feel the pressure of having to get in front of millions of people. Hundreds of people will more than make a huge difference in your ROI. We will help you make get in front of hundreds at a time and drive a ton of traffic to your website.

We design custom fan pages for companies in all kinds of industries and of all sizes. These powerful marketing pieces have been very successful for both our firm and our clients and continue to build strength everyday! Let SCM Web team show you how you can create a whirlwind of traffic and leverage the power of the most dynamic social media site ever to hit the internet.
Video Marketing | Promotional Videos
Promotional Videos | Video Marketing

Our web team is trained in corporate video marketing and we will help you use video marketing to gain new clients and more profits. Our firm utilizes the latest technology in marketing including video email and webinars. Has you company started using video yet. Websites like YouTube, Talk Fusion, Wistia and more have amazing video marketing powers that you should be leveraging. We have many options that we can use to market your firm and drive in traffic. Promotional Videos are hot and are growing by strength on the search engines every day. You need to create promo videos, informational and educational videos about your company. Use of PDF and PPT is also very vital to your marketing scheme. SCM Web Team will leverage the power of video for your company beyond your expectations as we have been using video for our clients for the past 4 years. We already know the effects that it can have for you.

Three of our biggest secrets are YouTube Marketing, Talk Fusion and Wistia Videos. We use all 3 of these video platforms as they all hold very different and powerful marketing strength. TouTube is the 3 largest search engine owned by the number 1 search engine on the internet. Video is given great power in the search engines as video is over taking the internet. People want to watch videos about you over reading. Wistia has analytics like no other and is a customizable video player and professional video server. Talk Fusion has 9 incredible video products but probably the most amazing is their incredible easy to use video email. This system will allow you to send video email with no downloads or attachments. The video broadcasting is also great for putting on educational webinars and more.

We can help you get moving with video and making the most out of your marketing campaign. We have many options and have the expertise needed to get your videos all over the internet.
Online Branding | Corporate Identity
Online Branding

Is your corporate branding identifiable to the public? Can they spot your golden arches from a mile away? If your company image is struggling then what you need is a Online branding firm who can help you say more to your prospects and clients. Everyone knows the symbol for McDonalds and so is WalMart. Both images are totally different but what both have done very well is that they seem to be everywhere. Most of it done by T.V. and the other done by locations they own. If you want to open up thousand of locations then that might help but if you are like rest of us, then we need to use another strategy. Designing your look is the first step.

Creating a complete and identifiable look is very important. Branding is about pictures or identifiable marks. Then we use colors to also assist in identifying your company. All of this is carried across all of your marketing materials and offerings. Too many small businesses do not take enough care with their overall branding strategy. They seem to believe they can work on it as time moves on and then 5 years later they have no identity. This is a huge mistake and one that we want to help you correct or do right from the beginning if you are starting a new business. Online branding is very powerful and in no time we will make sure that you are seen and remembered.

Our Online branding strategy will say to your prospects what you want, which in turn will create more customers and increase in revenue. People like to buy from those they know, like and trust so let's make your company familiar to them so they will recognize you and want to buy from you. Your branding strategy is your silent sales agent.
Blog Design | Blog Set-Up
Blog Design

We have a lot of experience setting up and running blogs for our clients and we would love to do the same for you.
The benefits we provide to you are: Sharp and vibrant graphics, Professional Designs, Experience in running producing blogs, A team of seo blog writers capable of delivering content, Embed videos in your blog, Drive Traffic to your blog, Convert prospects. In a nutshell, this is what is involved in running a profitable and performing blog design for your company.

Do not use the generic themes available on the internet. Let us design a blog design that matches your company branding. Our team of graphic designers will complete the look of your blog and our design team will install the plugins and apps that make the blog dynamic. Our writers will begin to work on seo articles and educational pieces to start posting on your blog.

Now that you have a blog design we need to get your blog working for you. One of the greatest benefits to having a blog is the new information that is going on it regularly. The search engines pick up on this and will strengthen your website provided you have it attached to it. SCM Web Team is your partner in running a successful blog campaign. We will show you how we can make this work for you. Every blog we design is unique to our client and we do not use template solutions.Our design team will create a unique look for your company as standing out is very important.
Ad Campaigns | PPC
Ad Campaigns

When time is of the essence and your same old email campaigns are not working, then our web team can help you with your advertising campaigns by sprucing up their effectiveness. We want to be your marketing company. We start with video email campaigns and work our way to Constant Contact with email marketing. Once we have those set up for you we move on to social media marketing, classified ad marketing and Search Engine Marketing. Lastly, we use Press Releases and a few more strategies we use. We can't give away all of our secrets but just know that we will pull out all of our tools to help you run a successful ad campaign including PPC and Facebook advertising.

Where most ad campaigns go wrong is by not planning properly and setting up an execution schedule. We go the extra mile to ensure our success. We understand how the cycle works. If we help you make more money then you will stick with us and keep us as your campaign manager. Our goals with everyone of our clients is long term and because of that we are very protective of them. Our clients mean the world to us and because of that we are going to run a first class ad campaign for you.

Your ad campaign needs a team working on it that will pay close attention to the performance once it is created and launched. We make adjustments as it is working to ensure maximum return. It is vital to monitor an ad campaign at all time. There is no such things as set it and forget it. You need SCM Web Team on your side to make sure you get what is needed.
Exhibit Displays | Trade Show Booths
Exhibit Displays

Our firm has exhibit displays and can do the graphics for all trade show displays and banners. We have a great selection, excellent pricing and designed as part of the overall branding and communication strategy. We not only can have your booth displays created but the most important job is to create your brand and image come alive. The booth display comes much later after the initial planning and the work up of your graphics and overall tradeshow campaign plan. No matter if you are looking for a small 6' booth, pop up stands or a large set up, we will make sure that your company shines and projects your company image.

When is your next tradeshow? Do you have a plan? What will you hand out, put up for display, or what will your booth look like. Do not make the typical mistake and get your booth at the last moment. The more planning and time the better so that we can provide everything that you need in a timely manner including your exhibit displays.

Looking for an electronic display or PPT? Need a custom video and monitors? Want to rent instead of buying? No matter what your exhibit display needs are, we have you covered including display booth storage. Give us a call today and let us start to work on your next tradeshow campaign.
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