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Robert Kintigh Bio

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life and understood the power of spreading the word of what you were doing. I saw marketing from an entirely unique perspective as a child and carried it with me my whole life. The idea I learned to appreciate was called "word of mouth" advertising and today we call it social media sharing. The concept is solid as what we really need to do is create raving fans who will in turn go out and spread your message for you. I love this concept because it shrinks down the field for me. I concentrate on a few people who go out and concentrate on many. The work is still intensive and very important but if done properly the return is bigger than expected and almost magical. My philosophies with internet marketing are simple; Start the conversation and keep it going. Never embarrass yourself or do anything that will come back to haunt you later and always build on the positives no matter the situation.

My Strengths as a Marketer:

  • The ability to listen to the conversation taking place on Social media
  • Excellent Research skills
  • Top shelf graphics team
  • I utilize sound systems
  • I stay current on all technology
  • I am very creative minded

  • My marketing is leadership based
  • Proficient in building most websites
  • Strong use of video marketing
  • Professional Entrepreneur
  • Strong relationship building skills
  • Have a strong concept of best branding practices
Professional Background

I started professionally marketing as an entrepreneur back in 1990. In the year 2000 I started marketing services for a labor leasing company utilizing the internet where I started to find my stride. By 2001 I was fully utilizing the internet to grow a maintenance business, retail store and a consulting business. I grew my maintenance business to a 7 figures a year business all by the power of the internet. Since 2005 I expanded my marketing experience by building an internet marketing firm that would market for my businesses and my clients that I consulted for. By 2010 I expanded internationally and have been a part of everything from marketing small business to large businesses like fortune 500 campaigns, insurance companies, network marketing and more. In 2012 I launched myself as an author and have marketed my first book into a best seller with 14 other titles in tow as well. I have been able to accomplish all of this by utilizing the internet properly and by joining in the conversations on social media. What has been the outcome of my efforts over the last 13 years? Simple start with a simple Google search on my name: Robert Kintigh and hundreds of pages later you will see that I have not only dominated my name but hundreds of other keywords as well.  
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Why Branding On Line is Paramount

Helping businesses to get recognized these days is easy and terribly hard all at the same time. There is so much noise online that it takes a system to build a brand that can be heard. My philosophy with branding is that you must start with being consistent. Some of the brands I have been able to help build and maintain a consistent brand for is: Truth Mastery, The Growth Masters, SCM Web Team, CaddyVision Network, Larry Zimberg, Genepoch, Bill Goldsmith Productions, Simply Yoga Del Rey, and Discover the Gold Country,  just to name a few. All of these brands have one thing in common and that is we have been able to establish their brand and extend their brand by way of consistent marketing campaigns delivered by social media, press releases, websites and splash pages, seo and more. My understanding of the overall marketing campaigns available on the internet is clear and my team and I go to work to execute what we know best.

Our Team

The SCM Web Team is made up of a diverse background of people pulled from all around the world. A team that has the capability to expand and contract as needed and is made up of over 200 people. Our team boasts of graphic designers, writers, web designers, social media specialists, programmers, Press Release specialists, videographers, cartoonists, media blitz members and more.

How We Manage Everything We Do?

We manage the process much like a general contractor of a building project. Everyone on the team has their speciality and I am the general contractor ensuring the quality and quantity needed and that there is quality control checks in pace. Each piece of the project gets inspected and checked off before moving on.

My Guarantee to You

My guarantee to you is that if you will engage in our service and allow us to run a proper campaign for you that we will help you build a solid brand, engage in conversations and increase your bottom line. We will help you build a million dollar brand or even a billion dollar brand because we have the right formula.
Robert has a degree in business administration and marketing as well as certificates in disciplines related to marketing. I have also studied many marketing systems by others in the industry.