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ShredmanLLC is located in Tampa Florida and services all of the greater Tampa Florida area as well as Tarpon Springs, Brandon, Valrico, Clearwater, St. Pete Largo and more. Matt Flemister is the owner and provides an incredible customer service experience. The employees of Shredman LLC are quality employees and have been background checked to enure the safety of your documents. Give them a call today
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What is a Promotional or Promo Video?

A promo video is a video that is used in the promotion of your company, person, cause, organization or group. These videos are promoted on video channels, social media sites, websites, splash pages and classified ad sites. The purpose and intent is to campaign whatever it is you want to tell the world about and capture their attention. 

Why Do Promotional Videos Work?

The concept is very simple; first of all, a video is viral in the fact that video is in a time period where it is having explosive growth on the internet. People love to watch videos more than read stuff on the internet. They are eager to learn more about you as long as you put the information in small useable bites. One of the added benefits is that you can leverage one video in a thousand places. This is very unique because if you were to take the same information and put it into a blog page or a word doc and you try to post that information all over the internet, your efforts will be met with resistance by the search engines as the spiders will recognize that they have seen this information already somewhere else and will not recognize all of the rest places that you place.

Now video is different as the search spiders do not really know what is being said on the video or the fact that it even is a media file. Spiders see words not pictures or videos. People see pictures and videos and this works out particularly well for you as we can post one of these promotional marketing pieces over and over again. Maximizing our work, effort and marketing exposure. This takes the cost of producing a piece like the samples we have here and makes them extremely cost effective marketing communication. Watch a few of these we have here on our page and we hope that you will start to understand how you can have one made and use it in a variety of ways. You can compete with the large corporations if you are small and if you are large, you can reduce your cost and become much more effective.
Custom Promo Videos
Prepaid Handyman Promo Video

This promo video was created for a Handyman company called Prepaid Handyman and was meant to showcase bits of information about the company and the services that they provide. This would be what we call a video short. It is longer than a standard promo video but shorter than a full feature length video. This offering can be seen on their website and on video platforms and social media. A great marketing piece that will pay dividends for a long time to come.
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We Offer 2 Choices in Video Players.

The first company is Called Talk Fusion who offers 8 cutting edge products and a business opportunity . These products include video email, video webinars, live video broadcasting, video auto responders and more. This is a good general server that is user friendly and affordable.

The next Video platform that we use and offer is called Wistia and is more of a professional video server and is used by speakers, personal growth professionals, large companies and small and everyone in between who wants video with great seo benefits and controls. This player is very affordable and the benefits are incredible.
Mobile Apps For Restaurants

This is a promo video displaying mobile apps for restaurants.  In this video we are displaying American River Pizza and Grill's mobile app that was designed, built, and published by SCM Web Team.

Videos are a great way to showcase your products and services, drive traffic to your website, and get more leads and sales.

Our promo videos always display high resolution graphics, great effects, and music optional.  We always include a call to action, your company name, website, and phone number unless you state otherwise.

The Growth Masters Promo Video - Business Consultant, Business Coach,

In this promo video of The Growth Masters, we have created an emotional marketing piece highlighting how business owners can be prisoners of their own business, but delivering a bright light as to what can be done to turn it around and be free. Making your videos real and have the ability for them to hit home is crucial.

When you have an understanding about what is plaguing your prospects and how you can help them, then you have the ability to connect with them in a way that makes the most sense. Your prospects are willing to do whatever it takes to cure a pain for the most part so someone who can come along with the right cure will get to be their doctor/repairman/woman, and prescribe the fix. A video can show this in a nice, clean way.
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