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The leading source of internet traffic these days is the video. Many companies, individuals and groups have discovered the effective nature of using video both in marketing and communication. This form of marketing may be very effective but what is the cost involved in using it? If you are new to using video or on a tight budget, then promo  videos may be the best way for you to go. They are no less a marketing tool but have cost savings due to the way that they are designed.

What are promo  videos? Ok, so let’s start with what we know. The first is that a video can be a number of things delivered via video. This is straight forward. A promotion is a communication of a special to a prospect or client. A promotional video is a short, powerful, marketing message that is eye catching that grabs your prospects attention in 30 seconds to a minute. This is not a long story or song, instructional piece or a play. It is much like a television commercial that gets your audience a short message that encourages them to find out more. Straight to the point, is what your promo  videos are about and covers one specific topic. More than that will be too much for a promo.

The average cost of these promo videos to make range from $250.00-$500.00. They are not a custom video and are generally 1-2 minutes at most. The average turnaround time is about 48 hours and then you are ready to launch your marketing communication piece online. Nothing could be easier to make something so dynamic.

Where can you post your new promo videos?  There are literally thousands of places online to post your new message and gain the exposure. Depending on your budget, we can help make your video go viral. Once this is done, you can expect to receive a flood of traffic and new prospects as your message gets in front of thousands of new prospects. SCM Web Team will deliver your videos professionally and will work diligently to help you gain the exposure online. We have done this for hundreds of clients and know what to do. You are in good hands with our web team and you will realize a great ROI. Let your message go viral and make SCM Web team your company for all of your internet marketing needs.

Look above to see what your promo video can look like. This is just one of our marketing pieces. Take a look around our website to see many more.

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