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Q   When you build my company a website, will I automatically get found?
A    The website on it's own is a functional mechanism that you can send clients to. Without additional work and a plan, your website will not instantaneously get found on search engines. You must do more with it than just have it built. This is standard knowledge for anyone in our industry.

Q I am in the construction industry, what good will a website do for me?
A. The facts are that less and less people everyday pick up a phone book. Most people today find their next contractor online via a website or through social media. If you are without an online presence then you are falling behind in the game.

Q. Once I pay for my website, will there be additional charges?
A. Once your website is complete and paid for, the website is covered for the initial build. If you do not want to spend anymore money on your Internet marketing than that is up to you. There is never any hidden charges. However if you want your website to be maintained properly or need marketing then you will need to spend money on that. There is hosting charges for a period of 12 months at minimum. There are different charges for different websites.

Q. Have you built a similar website like mine before?
A. We have designed many websites in many industries. No matter if we have or not, we are very capable of  building a website that you will like and that will return great results. We do the research no matter if we have built one before or not.

Q. How long does it take to design and get my website up and running once I agree to the terms?
A. We get most sites up and running within 7-10 days depending on the situation. If you are in need of quick turnaround then please let us know that and we will accommodate you if possible. Bigger websites take longer to complete as on an average they can take 30-120 days.

Q. What is my part once I purchase a website?
A. We will take care of almost everything except maybe your content or if you have a desired layout or look. You need to get us all of your content immediately. We will then take your content and optimize it for you. You just need to supply any material, payments or ideas to complete your project.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?
A. We give you a 3 day money back guarantee once your contract is signed. If you do not like where we are going or the website within 3 days, we will refund your money . This refund is at our discretion but we do not want unhappy customers ever so a refund may be the right way to go depending on your situation.

Q. Do I have to host with you?
A. The answer is yes, the hosting is included in the price for the first 6 months. At six months you then will need to pay for a year at a time. We do the hosting to make everything nice and easy and in one clean package.

Q. Is my website backed up and safe?
A. Yes your website is backed up at the server. We also suggest that you keep a copy of every single web page on your own server so that you always have everything just in case something should happen.

Q. How does your web design service work?
A. We start with a complete understanding from you on what you are looking for from design to colors, to feel of the site, what products or services do you offer, etc. We the go to work on putting together  a game plan for design and then we start to work on it immediately. Once we have something for you, we send you the temp sites to look at . Once you approve we complete the design. Quick, efficient  and easy to work with.

Q. Do you need to come to where I am located or how do we work together?
A. No matter where you are located around the country, we can work with you. With today's technology, we can do a variety of things that will make working with us extremely easy. From video email to video web conferencing, phone and much more, we have a solution to work with you in a personal way.

Q. What is Talk Fusion and how can it benefit my company?
A. Talk Fusion is a video service provider with the best products in the industry. Talk Fusion will explode your business and will help you to better connect with your customers. The best part is as it is helping you grow your business, you can also be making money off of your Talk Fusion business as well as every person who signs up for Talk Fusion under you will help you make monthly residual income.

Q. Can you provide a domain name for us?
A. Yes, we can secure a domain name for you and any additional services like private registration, or an SSL certificate etc. We will take care of everything from A-Z for you if you desire.

Q. Will you make a wordpress site for me if I want?
A. Yes, we can design a wordpress site for you including any graphics or headers that you desire.

Q. How can i get a logo made?
A. We can create you a logo based upon the ideas and parameters that you may have. Our graphic design team will come up with 2-3 designs for you to look at to get you where you want to be. A logo is a very important part of branding so we need to help you create the look and feel that you want.

Q. Can I use my existing website if I host with you?
A. The answer is yes, we will host your site and rededsigning it is optional.

Q. Once my website is completed, is there a monthly fee to maintain it?
A. Yes, if you want us to maintain it then there is a monthly fee for that purpose. The fee is generally cheaper than if you do not have a contract with us. If you sign up for a contract, then the fee is generally 10% cheaper each month.

Q. Can you design a blog that looks like my website?
A. Yes, we can make your blog have a very similar look and feel as your website. Remember, we are working on branding all the time so we try and keep everything consistent.

Q. When I call for customer service, will I be speaking to someone from the United States?
A. Yes, you will speak with someone from our company so there is never a worry about someone understanding your needs or us outsourcing our customer service.

Q. How big is SCM Web Team.
A. We are still a small firm with about 30 people involved so far in our company, but we are growing and adding people all the time to better serve you.