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Facebook Fanpage Facts:

  • The 35 plus age group is the fastest growing demographic on Facebook
  • The average person knows 300 people and a whole lot more if they are social media active.
  • You can use a facebook fanpage as a website if you want to.
  • Over 50% of people who are on FB visit at least once a day!
  • Having a custom fanpage is becoming a must for companies, individuals or organizations looking to expand their sales base.
  • If your brand has less than a 1000 likes, you appear to not be a very strong brand.
  • Facebook traffic is growing because of the use of smart phones
  • Your custom page should be driving traffic to your website.
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Your Facebook Network
Here is What We Can Provide You in a Custom Fanpage:

  • A welcome page with brilliant graphics that are professional and eye catching. A welcome landing page is a must
  • All of your company information as well as links to your webpage, phone number and email addresses
  • Backlinks to your site is very important.
  • Video page to showcase your work, image or services
  • Call to Action form
  • Optimize Your Fan page
  • All pertinent company or personal information
  • Pictures
  • Additional pages needed
  • Research for keywords
  • Marketing of your custom fanpage
  • Drive fans or "Likes" to your fanpage
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Leverage the Viral Nature of Facebook and the Undeniable Power of Relationships in a Social Setting.
Want to Skyrocket Your Profits? We Can Help!

So if the average person knows or has affiliations with 300 people on an average, how will you break into all of those groups of people. Why, 10 people have a potential of 1 million+people. That is a daunting task even for a large corporation let alone a small business or individual. The key is to leverage people's relationships. If you get invited in John's circle of influence, then you have the potential to be invited into those people's 300 circle and so on and so on. That is the viral nature of creating a custom fanpage, inviting people to "Like" You and then you build relationships with those people. We need to be a part of someone's friends circle in order to get to more friends circles. Friends will equal more business and exposure if we follow simple rules of connecting and building relationships.

Like any good relationship, you have to spend time cultivating it. The beauty of social media is that when we focus on one person, they will focus on more for us. This is how we can triple your fanpage likes over night. We don't have enough people in the organization that can build relationships with every single person we bring on to our custom fanpage. Make sure that we are lazer focus in on the right people and your Facebook will become a money making machine.

So Who is the Right People To Focus in On?

The first thing to look for are active people, with a healthy following who have influence. This takes us some research but it is obvious to us who has influence over their followers and who doesn't. This is not a control thing when we say that but more of a leadership position. These people become your lieutenants in your Facebook army and will sing your praises if and when we win them over. This is called leveraging relationships and is a beautiful way to lower your overhead cost and multiple your efforts in marketing.

Conservative Estimates puts Facebook at 700 Million registered users with half of them active everyday. How can you afford not to be on the social media platform? You owe it to your business or cause to be on there, actively promoting everyday. You can't buy this kind of traffic and especially people who are willing participants gathered in one spot. This is an awesome experience and so the sooner you get into the game, play the game the way it was meant to be played, you will never realize your full potential on line. Social Media is exploding and is extremely powerful seo tool. We can build you a custom fanpage today.
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Why is a Custom Fanpage Powerful?

First of all we have what we call a large captivated audience who loves been captivated. They come go on Facebook willingly every single day (at least 50% of them or better) and they just hang around reading about their friends and colleagues. Looking at offers and videos and sending emails back and forth.

Secondly, people love to tell other people about the things they find on social media and the companies they enjoy, back or support. People naturally want to tell other people things. It is instinctual and as much a part of human being behavior as sleeping and eating. We have to tell, we must tell and that is what makes this thing called social media so powerful.

another powerful element is that as human beings we are also very curious. When we see conversations going on between people, we can't help ourselves as we want to know what is going on. Give me the scoop as I am afraid of missing out. This can be used to our advantage to get the word out about you and your company. Start conversations and get people curious about what is going on.

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