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Custom Blog Designs
Get a Custom Blog Design by SCM Web Team

Anyone can set up a blog design but it takes brilliant graphics and a keen understanding of how to properly utilize the platform for the maximum benefits. We have a lot of experience setting up and running blogs for our clients and we would love to do the same for you.

The benefits we provide you are:
  • Sharp and vibrant graphics
  • Professional Designs
  • Experience in running producing blogs
  • A team of seo blog writers capable of deliver content.
  • Embed videos in your blog
  • Drive Traffic to your blog
  • Convert prospects
Content is King and Blogs Rule!

No matter how much Google's algorithm keeps changing, content will always be king. Content is the only thing that make sense as it is what drives the internet. Yes video is awesome and explosive but the writing is what tells people what the video is about and that is what the search engines feed off of.

A professional blog is not like a website in the fact that people build a website and then most of the time do nothing more for a long time. They'll spend all kinds of time at the beginning writing stuff for it and then will never or hardly ever add anything else to it. They also may not know how to add anything else to it or it is too expensive to pay their web developer to add anything to it. That is why a blog makes so much sense. Here is why you want and need a blog.

A wordpress blog is in a nice and easy format to be able to add to it everyday! No real programming skills needed, just log on and add new page is all that it takes most of the time. In the next column we will tell you the benefits of your blog!

Blog Continued........

Blog writing is what is called fresh content. Since that blog is attached to your website,
the spiders give you credit for regular, new content. This is very important because stale content is a dying website. Meaning, if you set it and forget it, your website will not perform very well! You need fresh content on a regular basis reinforcing the existing content.

Words are what the spiders feed on and use to index everything about your site. That will never change as nothing else makes sense. It is the words that we can help you with. The secret is not just using any words but targeted words that will drive your prospects to your door.

The right words are called seo words or targeted words. When we set up your blog and properly brand online, the next thing that we do is start posting videos and articles about things that make you stand out. We use seo driven keywords to help get you found and discovered online . We will create a dynamic blog for you! Are you ready to get moving yet? We have the experience that you need to be successful!
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