custom mobile apps by scm web team
Affiliate Agreement to Represent SCM Web Team
This agreement is between you (person/company Filling out form) and SCM Web Team ( aka : 'The Company"), et al, Owners, and its employees on this date ( date of the form submission and or visit of this site. The following is the agreement for you or your company to represent the companies services and by filling out the form and visiting this site, you agree to all of the terms and conditions on this site and the following additional agreements:

1. You agree at all times to be honest in your dealings and never misrepresent SCM Web Team in any way. This includes but is not limited to over promising services, creating verbal agreements, and truthfulness in pricing.
2. You agree to perform a service of referring people to our firm for the purpose of providing our services. Once referred to our firm, the clients/prospects become the primary responsibility of the company without interferrence from you. Your role is to referr and assist in customer service of the propsect and client.
3. If you have referred a mobile app client and you are an associate of Genepoch, then the prospective client will be signed up under your referral link either through our company or by the client. Fees will be collected by the client upfront and monthly and you will be paid for said services ( see payment of fees).
4. You must, on a regular basis, check in with the client to make sure they are enjoying their mobile app and make sure they do not have any issues with their mobile app. Your commission is paid for services rendered including customer service.
5. To set up a proper referral, you must  qualify the customer to make sure they need and want a mobile app, gather basic company and personal information and then properly submit all information to SCM Web Team so that a relationship may be started.
6. Payment of Fees: You are being paid for your referral and customer service as follows;
a. You will receive a 20% referral fee on jobs up to $1,500.00
b. You will receive a 15% referral fee on jobs up to $2,500.00
c. You will receive a 10% referral fees on jobs over $2,501.00
d.  You will receive $5.00 monthly commission on paid subscriptions.

Commissions are paid on profit and not on expenses like credit card charges, Genepoch charges or cost of production charges. You are paid on profit only. If you sign up the client directly on Genepoch, no commissons may be paid if not billed by us on monthly re-occuring charges.
7. Commissions are paid within 14 days or completion of work and payment or earlier as the company decides. You are responsible for any chargebacks that occur and agree to repay them immedialy when requested.
8. You are an independent agent of SCM Web Team and are not an employee including for the purposes of employment taxes, wages, workers compensation, and any rights that an employee may have if a relationship was established as so. You control your own hours, maintain your own insurances and your own tools and products.
9. You must have a paypal account to get paid by SCM Web Team. Cutting checks are expensive and are only an option at the discretion of the company and need.
10. At no time will you ever contradict SCM Web Team to the general public or any customers or prospects. Violating our trust at any time is reason for removal and forfeiture of any referral fees. SCM Web Team takes pride in its name and image and will not tolerate any type of negative comments, postings or bad mouthing of any kind both directly or indirectly.
11. All mobile apps will be published under the SCM Web Team license for Google and Apple and our work stays our work. No one at any time may be able to claim any work done by SCM Web Team unless a seperate written agreement is made and white label fees are paid. We reserve the right to display all work on our website and all advertising mediums we desire.
12. Quarterly bonuses may be paid for affiliates who display extrodinary efforts and refer multiple clients on a monthly basis. This is done at the descretion of SCM Web Team to reward aggressive affiliates.
13. Affiliate agrees to defend and hold harmless SCM Web Team in the case where the affiliate causes any harm with any prospect or client in regards to any transaction for mobile apps. SCM Web Team will not honor any verbal committments made by affiliate that fall outside of this agreement and all that govern this website and the laws of California.
14. Any disputes will be settled by mandatory arbitration under the rules and auspices of the American Arbitration Association under the jurisdiction of the State of California in Placer County. All claims are handled by American Arbitration and filed with them. No other court shall have jurisdiction except to uphold any judgements that may be obtained under any proceedings. Once the arbitrator delivers their decision, the decision becomes final with no appeal. All discovery and proceedings must take place within 30 days of filing.